Thanks for choosing our house! We are Spring Street Center at 1101 15th, or the corner of 15th & Spring. This is what I tell lodgers:

GETTING IN: We use a front door code for a guest’s first entry into the house. It can change, so send an email a day or two before you are coming to get the current front door code.

IN CASE YOU NEED SOMETHING: If something comes up and you can’t reach me, try Marston Gregory at: (425) 641.6725 – home, (425) 260.0456 – cell, or Debbie Machado-Santos (240) 353.7678.

SHARED BATHROOM: We ask you to be conscious of the fact that the bathroom is shared, so please clean up after yourself so we can maintain our low lodging rates. We are not a hotel. We clean the house regularly and get high marks for our cleanliness, but you’ll be expected to clean up after yourself in the bathrooms, the kitchen and in your own room when you check out. The house is old, but has been updated. Still, noise travels between rooms, so be aware of the needs of other guests.

GETTING HERE: Getting here is easy from SeaTac Airport, the Bolt Bus or King Street Station. Use http://tripplanner.kingcounty.gov/ for timetables and best directions via public transit, or Google Maps. The Link from SeaTac to the University Street Station and the 2 from there is one way. See: http://metro.kingcounty.gov/schedules/002/map.html The Link from SeaTac to the International District/Chinatown station and a cab or Uber from there is effective. If you are up for a 15 minute walk, take Link to the Capitol Hill exit and walk south and east to Spring and 15th. See: http://subudgreaterseattle.com/walking-diretions-to-subud-house/

THE FRONT DOOR: The door must be locked manually each time you come in or leave the house. It will not lock by itself. See the icon in the middle of the keypad when you are leaving the house. Your room key and house key should be in the door lock and you can leave them there upon your departure. Sometimes the front door sticks and will make a noise but not open. Pull the door to you and hit the lock icon, then try the code again. It works.

YOUR ROOM: You are assigned to a particular room. Please use that room to avoid chaos for our other lodgers. Our address is 1101 15th, at the intersection of 15th & Spring. For walking directions from the Link Light Rail (which serves SeaTac Airport) see: http://subudgreaterseattle.com/walking-diretions-to-subud-house/ (Dig the handy map!)

Also: https://springstreetcenter.com/ to see the rooms of the house and

https://springstreetcenter.com/location/ to see maps and directions.

COME ANYTIME: Checkin is 4pm on the date of your scheduled arrival. If you arrive in Seattle early you are welcome to put your bags in the first floor closet and explore Seattle. Your room may not be ready early due to the popularity of our house. If you want to come in after 12M, please do not try to check in a day early, as there may be complications. Checkin is 4pm on the date of your reservation.

CHECKOUT:  11am. You do not need to leave the house at 11am, but you must be out of your room at 11am so we can prepare for the next guests.

OTHER BATHROOMS: There are two full bathrooms in the house. One is on the floor where bedrooms are and the other past the kitchen. Feel free to use either one, but do clean up after yourself especially in common areas. Two half-baths are way downstairs by the laundry and in the Reception Hall. You may use those as well but there is no shower down there.

There is no smoking in the house, or on the back deck. Please smoke on the benches in front of the house and use the butt cans.

WIFI: network is Netgear01 and the password wittyowl682

RECYCLE AND COMPOST: We recycle bottles, plastic and newspaper. Please sort your trash and take it out of your room when you check out. By having responsible guests, we can keep our prices 1/3 to 1/4th the cost of nearby hotels, but we need everyone to pull their weight. The recycling bins are in the kitchen and outside the garage on Spring Street. Food waste goes into the compost bin, which is the law in Seattle.

PARKING: You can park at the Chloe Apartments or at Seattle U. Street Parking is limited to two hours between 9a-6p and can be difficult. Consider NOT driving, or using Uber and mass transit when you visit.

WHO WE ARE: The house is owned by Subud Greater Seattle, a spiritual community, and lodgers help sustain our building, which we have owned and operated as a Subud House since 1974. Our highest Subud use for the house is every Sunday from 11am-1pm. We recommend staying in your room or leaving the house, although we’d be happy to talk to you about Subud and leave Subud pamphlets for the spiritually curious near the front door.

DRUG USE: If you use drugs, including marijuana, the house is likely not a good fit for you. Please refrain from being high in our house and by all means do not get high in the house or on the property. Evidence of drug use will result in a nasty review.

You can still enjoy Seattle culture, fine restaurants, great coffee and other quintessentially Seattle places and events in the off-season. Consider staying here a week, but be prepared for rain.

I can help you with dining and touring tips. Click here.

We offer our house for Airbnb lodgers as a service to the community and as a way to maintain our house. Our many reviews illustrate the appreciation of this service, of our great neighborhood and location and our attentiveness to your needs. We’re grateful you chose our house and will do whatever we can to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved. Thank you again for choosing our house and do call me if you need anything, though keep in mind my bedtime is generally 10pm.

Sincerely, Paul Nelson, Rental Agent

(206) 422.5002